Maximum Security Prison Offers A Pathway To Academic Excellence

Maximum Security Prison Offers A Pathway To Academic Excellence

We later discover that the person who took notes during prison our meeting is earning a high degree of distinction in their bachelor’s studies. This student will be award a university medal, which is an award that recognises exceptional academic achievement. This student clearly highly motivated.

The PhD candidate felt free to concentrate on the conversation without worrying about taking notes. The candidate is not only pursuing a PhD but also training five inmates in a specialise 3D design and manufacturing software package that is commonly use in the design industry.

It sounds like he is very busy and under great pressure. His paper was accept at an international conference on sustainable design in just his first month as a PhD student.

Were there any high-achieving students in the first place? In a New South Wales maximum security prison! It possible to do well in university while being held in prison.

Inmates who complete higher education are more likely to reoffend after being release from prison than those who do not. This is consistent with the US and UK experiences.

Which Type Of Prison Is This?

We were accompanied by a corrections officer who said. The inmates were judge by a judge in court, so it’s not necessary to do it again.

This statement is representative of the spirit and mission of the institution. Its mission is to provide genuine rehabilitation by being kind, respectful, and building skills. It has a strict policy against violence.

These jails are not like the ones we see in movies. The Macquarie Correctional Centre has private bathrooms and private bedrooms. Inmates treat with dignity and privacy.

These features are based on the desistance theory that criminals stop committing crimes.

My colleague felt a little uneasy after passing security and being escort into our meeting. We were in a maximum security prison. They being held for crimes that require maximum security.

The people we met were polite and welcomed us with open arms.

Because I was a participant and facilitator in Alternative to Violence Project (AVP), workshops, this environment was familiar to my.

What The Challenges Associate With Studying Inside?

Internet access is not available for those who study inside. Emails can be print or sent. Information that needs to viewed online must be under the supervision of an authorized officer. It is impossible to quickly verify a fact or locate a reference online.

All of these activities must plan, approve, and timed. It is important to learn, understand, apply, and follow procedures and processes. This something my colleague had difficulty understanding at first, as did the university’s postgraduate program.

Even though the research proposal was well-written, it was difficult to get into a PhD program. The inmate had unsuccessfully applied to another university before. Only a few inmates able to complete a PhD while held in NSW today.

Strong Commitment Towards Improving Prison

UNSW’s 2025 Strategy is a strong commitment towards improving quality of life and sustainable development. It also emphasizes equity, diversity, and inclusion. This request could be approved by the Graduate Research School.

There were many other problems that needed to be solved. It is possible to view online tutorials without your full name or face being shown (to avoid being identified as prisoners for legal reasons), but it is impossible to actively participate in the sessions while keeping complete confidentiality. How can I access the online learning platform? What are my options for submitting assignments online and meeting supervisors?

Online learning and working from home are common. It was initially not possible in this instance. But, the prison administration supported it.

A student designed, built and installed a computer desk that would allow students to participate in supervision meetings. The prison education officer was the one who pushed for this solution. Now we can see and speak to our student, and vice versa.